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International Valves and Controls is a professional manufacturer of industrial valves, providing a variety of cast and forged valves to satisfy performance requirements in even the most demanding working conditions.

Some industries, such as petroleum, chemical industry and papermaking, often face extremely severe working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. In these industries, valves made of common metal materials are very vulnerable to damage, resulting in high maintenance costs, and even the risk of shutdown due to pipeline failure.Since 1989, we have been focusing on the design and manufacture of more reliable industrial valves by using special materials, such as titanium alloy, nickel alloy, duplex stainless steel, etc. Currently, we have successful cases of almost all types of valves, which means we can absolutely customize the most suitable industrial valves for your needs.

Valve Types
Manufacturing Technique
  • cast valves

    We are able to manufacture a variety of industrial valves by using casting of metal. The casting valves can be available with complex shapes, patterns and sizes. They are a great cost-effective flow control solution in a variety of industries. With casting process, reduced valve machining costs can be achieved, especially during the valve manufacturing of complex shapes.

  • Forged Valves

    We can provide industrial valves processed with forging. The forged valves feature not only increased impact and overall strength, but also high resistance to cracks, shrinkage and so on. This makes the forged valves ideally suited for high temperature and high pressure working conditions. In addition, the industrial valves with very thin wall thickness can be processed with forging.