1. Water TreatmentWater treatment requires valves of good corrosion resistance and reliably sealing. If the valve can not effectively open and close, it will waste a lot of time, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.
    1. Seawater DesalinationThe corrosiveness of seawater is the greatest challenge that seawater desalination faces. Valves are vulnerable to corrosion under the long-term erosion of seawater, resulting in sealing lowering.
    1. Onshore Oil & GasOnshore oil and gas pipeline transportation often uses ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, but pipeline corrosion will be the very first problem.
    1. Offshore Oil & GasPipelines and valves used in offshore drilling are subject to salt mist corrosion due to marine atmospheric environment, seawater, seabed sediments and transported fluids.
    1. Liquefied Natural GasBall valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves and butterfly valves, made of titanium, aluminum bronze and dual-phase steel, are recommended for pipeline transportation of liquefied natural gas.
    1. MetallurgyIn view of the harsh working conditions of high temperature and high pressure in the metallurgy industry, as well as the strong corrosion, easy crystallization and the impurities particles in the conveying medium...
    1. ChemicalChemical pipelines are of extremely harsh working conditions. The corrosiveness will be more serious since the pressure and temperature will increase irregularly.
    1. Pulp and PaperSince most of the pipeline mediums in pulp and paper industry are filter slurry and contain fibers and solid materials, the valves in this industry should have high wear resistance, reliable sealing, good erosion and plugging resistance and be easy to switch.
    1. MarineValves used in marine industry are required to be specific class. Marine valve failure will result in medium leakage, causing environmental pollution, bring plant shutdown, and even lead to serious accidents. Our marine valves can not only reduce the construction cost of the device, but also ensure safe operation.